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Old Notifactions?

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where are my old notifications / I had a few links to files that I hadn’t downloaded yet and now I can’t find them. Really don’t want to reorder the gigs. sorry if this isn’t the place to ask this question but I can’t find a help email.

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How to Submit a Support Ticket ✉ FIVERRCONTACT

For those who cannot find the ticketing system here os a link to contact Customer Support. ✉ Also, as of April 2017 a video created by @smks15 has been added to the bottom of this thread for those who would like a video reference. ? On that page...

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Posting about Suggestions - Ask for Help Here?

Please do not ask for suggestions in the Suggestion Box. You can ask for help, suggestions, tips etc. elsewhere on the forum. Conversations is a place for lots of things, so if you aren't sure you could try there, but more ideas for you are in this...

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