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Webexpert247\'s official ebook cover was 5$ order made she ask 100$


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What should I do about such action of ************
******** was the person that I ordered from her the job
She than sent me a message that it should cost 100$

I will not pay her more that she offered formally nevertheless such falls act should be globally considered carefully
Thank you

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I do not see the Gig you are referring to. Has she removed it? I see a Gig ¨I will create A 3D Ebook Cover For You¨. I see that you are a new buyer on Fiverr so you probably do not know that before Fiverr introduced the Package system (recently), it was a problem with offering a basic service that cost more than $5. I often had the same problem as although I explained clearly in the description of my Gigs that the buyer should use the drop down menu and order x number of Gigs to reach the amount requested for the basic Gig. It was a problem when the prospect would not fully read the description of my Gig. Then, in the requirement of my Gig, I would remind them to make sure that they have purchased the right amount of Gigs, if not, to do so now, or cancel the order. Still some would not pay attention to that, which ended up in a situation similar to yours.

Anyway, to cut it short, all you have to do is to request a mutual cancellation, the link is at the bottom of the page you would be on when reading her message requesting the extra amount. She most likely will accept it as she has not started to work, and you will be refunded.

Hope this helps. If you are having problems with getting this seller to accept your mutual request for cancellation, keep adding to this thread and someone will tell you what to do next. 🙂

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