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How do I know if I've properly categorized my Gigs?


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This question is haunting me for some time now, because I’m getting few sales these days but the feedbacks from these few buyers are awesome and sometimes overwhelming and motivating.

So this tells me that what I’m selling (customized picture quotes) is something buyers are quite happy to buy. I do use 100% Royalty FREE Images for the picture quotes that I make on categories like Inspirational, Success, Spiritual, Love etc., I also offer placing of LOGO and URL on these quotes (111 picture quotes for $5).

But I’m little concerned that whether the selection of Fiverr categories that I’ve chosen for various Gigs is appropriate or not in order to get more orders.

I know that some of you fellow seller will require to spend time in order to answer this. If anyone, will be highly appreciated.

Oh, and my profile link: http://fiverr.com/pr_junction

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