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What motivates you more on Fiverr as a seller - $$$ or awesome feedbacks?


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I’m here on Fiverr for some time now and I keep observing few things about it. I’m a Level 2 seller enjoying the platform of fiverr. Recently, I was struck with this idea that what is it that motivates me like anything here on Fiverr?

Is it my earning or positive feedbacks?

Well, honestly speaking, I’m not quite sure which one is more inspiring. Money, ofcourse is something, which is the prime motivation but positive feedbacks if not more than that, are not even less than that. Agree?

Couple of examples of positive feedbacks that I received recently, to give you an idea:

“We have an Aladdin’s lamp here on Fiverr who fulfills what you order within minutes with 100% satisfaction. Look no further, go for this seller, cheers !”

"So fantastic! The Seller was active and delivered my order and added extra bonuses within my time frame. I’ve had nothing but wonderful service on Fiverr honestly, and this experience just adds to my benefit. Thank you so much! "

After all the hard-work put to satisfy a buyer, such feedbacks feels as good as the earning, doesn’t it? 🙂

I thought that I will just share what I felt like sharing.

Cheers 🙂

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And I could think of only two options ! 🙂 I’m surprised to get more options under “This is why Fiverr motivates me” 🙂

Between, it’s just a coincidence that I just created a new Gig of “111 Best DOG picture quotes” and I see that you do write about Dogs.

Not a promotion but as it’s co-related, you may like to take a look at it: https://www.fiverr.com/pr_junction/give-111-best-dog-picture-quotes-with-your-branding

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Yeah, people are different and there are so many possibilities in this life 🙂

Interesting gig you have there. You just gave me the idea to make the same gig like yours as I have some dogs. But don´t worry, I won´t do that as I don´t wanna copy cat. I´ll stick to my gig. I wish you get many clients. Good luck 🙂

PS: I clicked the love button on your gig.

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Oh! thank you. An appreciation from a dog lover and rather a dog-owner (or say a friend of dogs) makes it meaningful.

Well, it’s an open market here on Fiverr so even if you make such a gig in future, it’s part of how things happen here 🙂

And thank you for clicking on love button and all the wishes.

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