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Use Fiverr as watermark always


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i am doing graphic things and most of the time i will ask from buyers for sample image before start the project.

recently i got a image for editing. and i noticed that image are made by some other fiverr sellers.

thing is, there is cunning buyers around fiverr, on introduction they will say they have 100+ images to edit and will send a sample for test (they actually need that one image to edited).

best solution is use watermark on any sample you send before delivery, and don’t use text as “PROOF” or any other. use only “FIVERR” or fiverr logo with your user name. for ex : www.fiverr.com/xxxuser (may be seller can contact the seller).

so its hard to use the sample image with other fiverr users.

sorry if i mistaken on typo.


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