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Why is my gig not selling anymore?


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From one month until now my sales have gone down a lot and I have no explanation. I’ve taken some measures:

  1. Create a new gig presentation video
  2. Tried the new packages options, it didn’t work and was confusing clients so I went back to normal.
  3. Did they change the search results system?

My main competitor is a guy who started taking more orders than I did and now is the only one who has more reviews than I do for like 15% but he has so many negative reviews and it doesn’t seem to be affecting him.

Is my only way to go back the way I was before is to be the No.1 in terms of reviews?

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Guest seo_savant


Firstly, you need to focus and think of what your competitor is doing to get orders, despite the negative reviews he has. Try new things. I suppose you have ways of driving traffic to your gig, if not, then leverage the power of social media, create contents that really describe your services and share with your networks.

I get lots of traffic from twitter and Instagram. So try that.

Yes, reviews are gold. Try to persuade your buyers to rate and mark your orders as completed as soon as both ends is happy.

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