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***Earn More Money from your Gigs with These Tips***


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Earning more money from your Gigs® sometimes requires a little creativity. Some of our most successful sellers are the ones who know how to use the sales tools available on Fiverr® to their favor.

Here are some tips to help you earn more from your Gigs:

1.Offer Gig Extras:
Creating a basic Gig and then offering more customizable Gig extras is a good way to provide more personal service to your clients and to earn more money. Even a very simple addition or tweak to your Gig can be a great Gig extra.

2.Provide a “Melting Pot” Gig:
Do you ever get requests for services that your Gigs don’t include? A “melting pot Gig” is a great opportunity to generate more revenue! Make it clear that buyers must contact you first, but offer them the opportunity to request something that you may not have even thought to offer

3.Monetize buyer requests:
You are providing a service and your skills, don’t be afraid to request what you think they are worth. If a buyer asks for something above and beyond what your Gig offers, you can charge more. Just don’t forget to provide great customer service along the way.

4.Promote your Gigs externally:
The most effective way to get more traffic, and more customers, is simply to publicize yourself and your Gigs in more places. Use social media, blogs, websites and forums to promote your Gigs outside of Fiverr.

Perhaps the most important tip to making more money from your Fiverr Gigs is to always keep thinking critically.

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