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'Look, what I got done for just five dollars!'


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If I were to give only one tip to sellers, what would that be?

As a content developer and writer/editor, I created my first gig 5 months ago like everyone else, and with no inkling of how things will go. I am still far away from making too much money here, but that has never been the ambition. As long as work keeps coming in, things are fine.

Buyers expect to meet professionals here - that’s exactly how we present ourselves. They also come here to save on money and get a world rocking work done. But what are the things that one can possibly do for such small amounts?

If you’ve been in your field for a good amount of time, and respect and care for the benchmarks commonly followed in that field, the answer is obvious:

The one tip: Give 'em what counts for quality work in your field.

You are probably thinking, ‘man, don’t be a fool.’ Who will do a ‘world rocking’ work for this amount!

If you are just starting out here or want to go further, be that fool. Wait for just one order a day, and when it comes, treat it as a gift and the buyer as that gift maker.

Let the buyer go back and tell others, ‘Look, what I got done for just five dollars!’

(But don’t forget to increase your rates as good reviews pour in and your confidence builds up. Charge for quality and speed, but be sure to deliver it as well. Or return the extra money.)

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