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Tues Dec 4 Discussion of the Day: What Addiction Recovery taught me about fiverr


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In addictions work, especially where the 12-steps are being used in room, teleconference lines, and one on one meetings around the world every hour of the day… On phrase is shared at the end.

"Keep Coming Back, it Works if you Work It."

The same is true of Fiverr.

I had this realization even more powerfully when I was on “how low can you go” setting while being sick with what is now known to be sever environmental allergies. I was out of commission, coughing like a chain smoker. The coughing fits would be so bad, I would almost pass out from the lack of O2 to the brain.

Anyway, now that I have the allergies under management, I return to find Fiverr and even better place.

Level 2 sellers can now have gig extra up to $40 each. Level 1, I don’t know as all the people I’ve helped now are at level 2. But I can almost bet, they’re getting up to $20 gig extras now. Top Rated Sellers are able to access 4 $100 gig extras.

Wow, a $405 potential sale.

It’s inspiring. It’s confounding. It’s motivational.

How much value and how thoroughly can you bless someone’s life with a $405 offering?

Keep coming back.

Fiverr gets better and better.

Even the forum. It’s BIGGER, it’s BADDER, it’s BETTER.

And just like the power of the 12-step community, the wisdom of all of us is much greater than the wisdom of any one of us.

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