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All impressions on statistics pages are almost zero?

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@misscrystal I’ve been barking up this tree for 2+ weeks with CS about why my gigs arent showing up. You can have a look at my stuff… Mainly my product commercial gig was the one I was worried about not showing up for over a week after it’s creation (and minor edit somewhere in there) … But after a week of it not showing up … I noticed my poi dance gig and facebook gigs werent showing up either.

Now here we are 2 weeks later and 2 or 3 responses back from CS telling me “Your gigs have been re-instated into the search engine” … Yet only 1 of the 3 gigs I gave them is actually showing up (The product commercial gig is showing up) …

I can’t for the life of me get them to give me a straight answer on why my other 2 arent showing up. I thought maybe its cause they have those new “Gig Packages” on them … but no … the product commercial gig has packages on it … and it’s showing up now .

I’m not sure what’s going on … I thought maybe my gigs dont fit with the TOS anymore as they keep referencing me to it … but after telling me literally , exactly this “All your gigs are now in the search” … Umm … yet they still dont show up for my gig tages , or exact gig titles … I really don’t know whats happening.

I’m giving them about 6+ links that I’ve found on this forum from others having our problem. Hopefully we can get this resolved…

I spend a lot of time on my gigs + videos + descriptions … for them not to be showing up at all is really crappy. I’ve got 2 gigs already recorded but I’m hesitating to edit them if they are going to bug out like this too…

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Thanks, it means a lot to me that you found my gigs.
I will take a look for yours. Sorry you are having this problem. I know how bad it feels when you work on your gigs and they are not apparently indexed and you can’t get a
reason for it.
Much appreciated that you took the time to answer and look into this.
Have you tried using incognito mode to look for your gigs? Mine show up in different places (the REAL places) in that than if I’m in the usual mode.

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