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So you wanna be a Fiverr seller

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Thanks for caring about my dog. He was actually not afraid of anything. But he is quite old (his face DOES look kind of young as he does not have a lot of white hair, but he is 10 years old - I adopted him at his old age, long story). He still can walk like normal but he cannot really run anymore as he has some kind of hip problem. When he gets up, he always takes time to get up (literally like old people), so maybe when I called his name he wanted to respond but too hard to get up. Actually I am sad to see that he is not so agile anymore. But overall he is still healthy, likes to hang out with the other dogs and has good appetite. So I am gonna keep taking care of him until someday when he will be so much in unbareable uncured pains, then I will let the vet help my dog to cross the rainbow brigde in the nicest most peaceful way. Oh crap, now I´m tearing because of my own comment. I hate losing my dogs. BRB I need a tissue.

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