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Cannot access Fiverr on iPhone 6+


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Running IOS 9.3.1 newest version. When on WiFi I can access fiverr.com without any problems. But as soon as I am on the AT&T cellular network I am not able to access Fiverr.com at all. I cannot even view the website let alone get signed in!

I get the message:
Request forbidden by administrative rules.

If using wifi its perfectly fine. I’m using the default Safari browser on my iPhone.

I loaded up the Chrome browser and I can access on both WiFi and the AT&T cellular network. but the default is Safari on the iPhone.

I checked with tech support and they had me clear the Safari cookies and cache. Still no luck, same problem. Being I can reach fiverr.com using Chrome on my iPhone, i don’t think its a network issue…but more an issue with Safari itself or a setting.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? (no, I don’t use the Fiverr phone app…it does not have all the functions I need like on the website itself)

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