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My gigs are not showing in fiverr search results


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Someone in another thread posted a possible solution. I’ve created a ticket to inform CS that this may be a big issue as to why there has been over 6 threads created about this topic… If sellers can’t located their own gigs … that means buyers can’t … and if this is a relatively new and spreading issue … it must be a new bug or some change that has gone overlooked. . It explains why my gigs are getting no views/impressions , thats for sure.
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My Gig Suddenly disappeared

i had my gig in 'Business Cards & Stationery' category page. as the top 2nd gig in 'High rating' tab. but now it's disappeared. also i couldn't find my gig in search result even i scrolled bottom of the search result ?

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It has something to do with sorting by relevance or new arrivals VS gigs with an Avg Review rating.

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