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Help and advise needed for a buyer


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Hi all, I have a dilemma on my hand I commissioned a dude to create 2 logos for me I have paid for both.

Before commissioning the dude I read his profile in which it said he was fluent in English, I sent the brief and he got back to me within a few hours with the design, to my shock it was nothing near to what I had asked for. I send another email and the same thing happened again. I then had to use Google translate to create and resend the brief.

Sine Google translate doesn’t always translate things accurately he requested that i send messages to him in English.

He has created a logo which I liked and I asked for revision and he keeps misunderstanding my revision. I have had enough of this back and forth and want out, what options do I have please.

The latest email he sent I asked him to use Google translate and that I have had enough.

He hasn’t started the second project and I don’t feel he’s going to have the ability. I just haven’t got the time for another back and forth and the first project is running late.

What can I do ?

Please advise.


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There are a lot of logo designers out there, for this one I’d say go ahead and cancel
the gig, get your money back, and look for other designers.
It might be a good idea to send messages ( along with the description of the logo) to those designers to check their English skills. Also do google search to see if the sample images belongs to them or not. I hope you have enough time!

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