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How To Get MORE Order - Trick Reavealed


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Having Question:

WHY buyer place order with others instead of me?
WHY other sellers selling more than i ?
WHAT is the POINT that make client to buy my service?

Not to worry much, if you follow the right path and deliver good manners when you interact with buyer.

Here are some tricks that you might missed:


Download Fiverr app and set the app to be SHOW ONLINE, make setting in your phone to always keep FIverr app running at backstage.

Client prefer to send request to those are shown ONLINE.


Whenever a buyer give you positive review, make good use of this opportunity, spend some effort in writing a good review back to your buyer and most IMPORTANT ! write down their company/ job/ website or anything you did for them.

A serious buyer will read all your info in Fiverr before placing the order, especially your review.

Read my sample, https://www.fiverr.com/maxpoon275 , and client will learn that i am providing varies of job in Fiverr and they will have more confident to deal with you.


I always set the delivery in 3 days in my offer, but i do always send the delivery within 1 day.

When a client place an order, they feel exciting and hope to receive the delivery ASAP. So i grant their wish,surprising them with extra fast delivery and without extra charge.

When clients feel happy, they will come back to you again.


You might provide added value or extra service for client, please remember to TELL them what is the EXTRA that you have done for them.

Some buyer will always take things for granted, so telling them what have you done in extra will give better impression to the client.

NEVER EVER wait for the client to discover it by themselves.

I hope some of my suggestion might able to inspire you for a better idea to attract clients.
Any comment, sharing or feedback is welcomed and highly appreciated.

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MOD NOTE: Not only are these tips taken from other users who have written the same thing, but he’s subtly using these tips to promote his gigs. As the very least, I recommend removing his profile link and returning this thread to the original forum.

Original Forum: Tips For Sellers

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