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How much product we can copy for 5$


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This doesn’t look like it goes in the Suggestion Box, but I really don’t understand your question at all so I’m not even sure where to put it. If I don’t figure out by a reply that comes soon, I’ll move it to Conversations. What do you mean? You shouldn’t copy other people’s work in any way, if that is what you mean.

I see you also have copywriting and copy/paste gigs up. If you aren’t sure what copywriting means, you should probably wait and only offer services you understand well and can communication in English.

If you are talking about copying and pasting or writing for $5, you can offer any amount you choose for $5. If you offer 1 word for $5, no one is going to buy it. If you offer 100,000 words, that would be impossible for you to do. You’ll have to find your own balance. Is that what you mean?

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Are you a writer? If so you may want to practice making your messages more clear. I’m not sure what you are asking.

Copywriters write text. They do not copy things. The word is copywriter, not copy write.
It looks like your gig is to copy and paste what others have written unless I am mistaken.

I do not know what this means in your gig description:

About This Gig
I will do copy write about 70 words for a you tube video.

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misshuma to answer your question, you can’t copy anything at all without the author’s permission. It is not allowed to do this.

You are not understanding the word copywrite—there is no word “copywrite”, nor does it make any sense to say the phrase “copy write”. It does not mean that you can copy something someone else has written, or spoken on YouTube. No one is allowed to copy anything without the author’s permission or without giving them credit for it if you choose to copy just a paragraph or two.

There is the word “copyright” but this means that no one is allowed to copy anything someone else has written or created in any way. To do so is called “copyright infringement”. This is illegal in most countries to do this.

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