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Drop in Sales | April


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We are print media design agency and we follow a complete workflow.

We started our operations on Fiverr in Feb and it has been one splendid experience.

We use Trello to maintain our work process, Slack to communicate with team members, Wunderlist to assign tasks and keep track of our finances in Google Sheets.

Although we sit and work from same office but we keep our work entirely virtual to stay efficient.

We completed 76 orders in Feb and 48 in March. Which were somehow lucrative and we were able to maintain a good rating.

Seeing great results on Fiverr, we started giving it our 100% by sharing our GIGs on social media, adding GIG videos and started doing content marketing for our GIGs but our sales has dropped on this month of April. It is April 27th and we just received 27th order of this month.

We are keeping a track of our GIG analytics and we are seeing a downfall.

We just wanted to know if we are doing something wrong or this is a natural way of Fiverr to decrease impressions and ultimately sales of each profile for giving a fair chance to every seller?

We kind off got worried about our sales this month and we are hoping that will maintain a good forward leap in sales next month with the recent content strategy we are implementing.

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