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I am newbie on fiverr I got my first order 8 days ago buyer give me 5 star rating with a positive review as well as he also give me tip for my work but after that I couldn’t get new project.
My work is logo designing
I did every which I got from some experts like editing gig,buyers request,good proposal but no results help me please what to do

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I’m afraid you’re just in a very hard field. Logo design is one of those things that “everybody” does. Even though many of them are scamming, they clutter up the search results and make it harder for buyers to connect with real sellers.

How hard are you marketing your “remove background from a photo” gig? That one is more original. Maybe it could have extras, like “after you’ve removed my background, put me in front of the Taj Mahal.”

If you can sell nine of any gig, you’ll become a Level 1 Seller and will have a better position in search results. I fought hard to become Level 1, but now that I am, I’m starting to see some jobs come in spontaneously. You’ll get there, too – you just have to fight through this initial period of working very hard for little money.

Good luck.

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