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Try to be a buyer once to become a good seller


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It is my perception or strategy that you must try to become a buyer once if you want to know how the TRS are dealing with there buyers to get the orders. Learn and understand how they impress the clients and try to improve your profile based on that study.

Also one thing, don’t copy and paste there ideas, this will not prove helpful to you…Just improve your profile based on your skill sets and learn the process of doing things right.

I know it will cost you something but still i think this can help you to be the TRS on fiverr.

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I do understand where you’re coming from and it could work. But that’s what the forum is for. We try to give the best advice for new sellers, and it’s all for free. I never bought service to understand how to be a professional. Pro’s are:

  • Good communicators
  • Reasonably responsive
  • Approachable
  • Most importantly, great at what they do

That’s just a short list. Either you’re a professional, or you aren’t. That’s just my opinion.

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