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New Sellers - The importance of Buyer Requests


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I’ve found that a number of new sellers have a hard time getting orders for their gigs. Their “about me” description is written well, their gigs are affordable and provide a valuable service, but they don’t seem to be attracting any buyers. From a relatively new buyer to those just joining, i can tell you that taking the initiative to join Fiverr needs to go a step further.

I joined Fiverr in December 2015 and didn’t receive my first order until late January of this year. I joined Fiverr with the mindset that if i go to a party, and stand in a corner of a room, that people would just flock to me, which isn’t the case. Depending on the gigs you’re offering, some will have more luck than others because of their value in the market. But in my case, i wasn’t so lucky.

So after my first order, i decided to visit Buyer Requests to see what it was all about. At first, i was a bit intimidated because buyers were explicit with their requests and i feared that my first reviews would be negative because i didn’t deliver according to their wants. After a couple successful orders, i started offering my services as often as i could. I looked and searched for requests that fit my gigs and even for requests that didn’t, but were in my ability to do.

The Buyer Requests section can help to build your reputation as a reliable and efficient seller. Offering your gigs to buyers requesting services and delivering them on time and properly done will attract positive reviews and slowly build your reputation. Don’t wait for them to come to you. The same initiative you took to join Fiverr should be the same as the attitude you take towards promotion of your gigs and services.

Go get 'em - literally 😉

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