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So i have an early start to my day, open my fiverr and I'M A TOP RATED SELLER!


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I’m like… Gobsmacked! Literally! I woke up today at 5 meditated a bit and was in such a great mood went out did a couple of things and BANG! Ahhhhhhhh!! Didn’t think i’d get so excited over it, but lets just fill you in why i am…

Basically, i’m a full time student studying accounting & finance and a singer/songwriter living in London. Obviously, being a student and artist my life gets hectic so i thought i’d take my fiverr more serious and start offering psychic readings on fiverr! I opened the gig like 4 months ago but didn’t really take it serious as i was mainly buying online… Until one buyer motivated me because she really enjoyed reading

(which i normally just do between friends and family outside fiverr) so i thought i’d tell all my friends all about it around 4 weeks ago and they starting supporting me by ordering since it only cost $5 and they all felt i deserved it… Orders started growing and boooom here i am! Lol …

Fiverr has been my main source of income in the past month after leaving my job… But Fiverr helped me move forward and make money out of doing something i love! So for that i want to thank you!!

Hugs and kisses from grumpy (yet so happy) ol’ London!

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