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I can’t see the word, is it a bad word? It’s really up to you and the buyer. For example, I don’t mind creating brand names for adult products, other writers do.

There’s a picture of you in short-shorts which is very sexy, I’m assuming that’s why the buyer assumed you didn’t mind what he wanted.

P.S. If you don’t want a picture to become part of your portfolio sample, just message the picture on fiverr, within the order, and then click “deliver” and delivery nothing.

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Absolutely your decision, or?

The real life and the internet are full of people in underwear. They are male or female or have any other kind of gender and they are wearing underwear.

Most people do wear underwear. I wear underwear.

When I drive through town I see ads of people in underwear. When I switch on the tv, I see underwear ads. Basically I see underwear everywhere.

If you think it is ok to be seen in underwear holding some sign, just do it. If not, not. A forum or Fiverr Customer Support can´t be your moral instance 😉

And for sure. As well seen by @fastcopywriter on one foto in your portfolio you wear hot pants. There is not much difference to underwear, or?

You show your face, you show your body and you want to earn money with that. This is what your Gig is about, or?


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