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Tips How to Top On Search result For NEW GIG 2016


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I’m about to show to try how best selling Fiverr gig system that I personally use to sell my gigs everyday on Fiverr.com. This is something you’ve never seen before! This is not some old junk system that no longer works on Fiverr but a brand new and updated 2016 success system that I use to make money repeatedly on Fiverr

  1. Drive Fake Visitors to Your GIG:
    If you can drive real visitor that will be great but if you can’t, then you have to send at least 200-250 fake visit/hits. This will boost your gigs impression and will be more visible to buyers who are willing to buy your services.

  2. Use Accurate Title, Descriptions and Tags :
    You have to make sure that you are using accurate and appropriate tags for your gigs otherwise you will not be able to rank and also you must include you want to rank for in your Gigs Title and descriptions and Tags

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