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Why ADVICE gigs are important BEFORE you spend money


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The whole reason for this post is to help people that are getting ready to spend money on design, web development, SEO, and other marketing efforts to please, please, get advice from someone (lots of great people on Fiverr) that is professional BEFORE you spend money either here on Fiverr or elsewhere.

Why do I say this?

Well, the long and short of it is there are tons of scams, inferior talent, and often times people that just don’t know what they are doing OR are doing it in an outdated way.

Take SEO for example. Google changed how SEO is done very dramatically in the past year and is getting ready to make ANOTHER major change in a week or so. Many individuals and companies are STILL doing SEO how it was before last years update, which has resulted in major penalties and tons of wasted money.

Take website design and development. The cutting edge way to build a website (responsive design and development) is very different than the old way of doing it e.g. mobile versions and subdomains, and you’re literally having something that is obsolete built and wasting money if you don’t understand this.

Take advertising, both traditional and digital. Many business owners and marketing decision makers take wild stabs in the dark trying to increase revenue and grow their company. Unfortunately, HOW you implement a campaign, WHERE you advertise and most importantly, considering what will maximize your marketing ROI is often not understood just because it’s not what you do.

Finally, when you’re getting ready to make a decision on the variety of things mentioned above, the real reason you need advice is because YOU run YOUR company and are an expert in YOUR industry. It’s not your job to be an expert in these things, however it is YOUR job to make smart decisions with your money. You know this and I know this.

Talk to people that know about these things and the ONLY reason for their gig is to help you make a smart decision. Not sell you on the actually advertising or marketing asset for a commission.

That’s the whole reason I have gigs on fiverr. To help people getting ready to make decisions make the RIGHT ones.

Please take this advice. It’s important for vital to growth and spending your money the right way!

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Not to be rude, but I’m assuming you didn’t read the conclusion of my post. The reason I wrote this was to encourage people, whether or not they went with my gigs or not, to make sure they seek advice before wasting money. That’s it.

In reality, I potentially promoted a variety of OTHER sellers.

Secondarily, I also provided information on THREE subjects, which is of value to buyers. Each category I mentioned is very prevalent on Fiverr, therefore it is valuable advice to buyers.

Finally, you should see a dramatic difference in this post versus the first two that I did, specifically to NOT be overreaching in “shameless self-promotion” which is at best an insult.

All that said, if you happen to read this post to the end. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I honestly wrote this in the middle of the night after getting off the phone with someone that had wasted $5,000 making a bad decision. I felt that buyers needed to be encouraged to make smart decisions and given the knowledge needed to make them. AGAIN when it was with me, you or anyone else.

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Tell you what rather than fight you on this (and to form a truce between us) I’ve modified the post and removed part of it.

I understand where you’re coming from, but i honestly think this information is valuable to buyers which is why THIS particular discussion is in “tips for buyers”.

Why don’t you re-read it and give me your honest opinion. If you agree with the new version, I would request you change your comments.

Does that seem fair to you?

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Thanks @firephasers for articulating an issue many of us have encountered. You are the kind of vendor I would like to deal with more often and using the forum to inform us how you work is appropriate. Self-promotion? Sure no harm in putting yourself forward if you add value to my business. Not sure replies to that post fall in that category.

It’s got me thinking I can apply this ’ advice gig’ to my own account.

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Thanks for checking out my Excel gig, @vedmak.

I don’t provide advice in my gig but a technical skill. Advice means that I would help people evaluate the pros and cons of various approaches, whereas in my gig I offer one solution to a clearly defined problem with one predictible outcome.

I agree that there is a fine line between providing value and blatant self-promotion turning into spam. I found the original post provided value in that it made me think of a new gigs to offer; besides, I found that I liked @firephasers approach with his clients.

Let’s all move on to more productive activities.

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I agree totally, however a lot of them (including me) are kids or twats that try to make a few dimes on the net (by ripping of people), but some of them are doing their best (that is my plan when I put a gig that I must actually do). I will try to put a gig where I have to work a bit now that the school is almost over. But, you are a “big daddy” on fiverr please tell me how to improve my gigs, your look promising and I maybe (that means totally buy them, because I’m the only one in my school who thinks of possible ways to start a company or earn online and other stuff) purchase your gigs to help me. I sold 1 gig so far and made $4 (I’m 18). Which is not bad considering that I don’t have any particular skill on the computer, but I’m good at sports so don’t call me names.

This is not spam, I simply want to improve my gigs here so please offer advice


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