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How do i get people to request from me?


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Your Bio: “I do almost every kind of graphics designs, and i say so myself that i’m very good at it.
Was recommended by my friend to start doing business here, so i can put my skills to use.”

This is not only unprofessionally written, but rather egotistic. Your gig descriptions have the same exact issues. If you want to attract clients, you need to give them a reason why they should choose you, not just stating that “I’m very good”. Clients are looking for professionals in all aspects. You may do great work, but you need to market yourself as a professional.

Your claim stating that you rival top graphic artists on YouTube isn’t really of use here, it’s more braggadocios than anything.

A professionally made gig video showcasing your work would help. Also, your logo is hard to make out. It’s more fitting for a gaming company, or YouTube video intro for a gaming channel. You don’t want to make clients strain their eyes to find out who they’re buying from. Simple, sleek, elegant goes a long way.

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