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*****how to top rated seller and sales more gig*****


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##What do you want the top rated seller?

you must be maintain some rules such as:

1.job experience completely
2.delivery fixed in time
3.promote your gigs
4.confident of own work
5.don;t feel hesitation
6.fiverr rules maintain
7.gained Buyer 100% satisfication

If you maintain this rules he/her must be top rated seller.

##What do you want sales boost gigs?

off course,you done this work such as:

*share with social media marketing(facebook,twitter,google plus,linkdin)
*share with forum
*blog posted
*publishing your gigs
*making your gigs perfectly.

I say that a seller must be known to all are.
you must be maintain some rules such as:


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I understand that you’re trying to contribute to the forum and share what you’ve learned with others who could benefit, and speaking from my own experience learning Spanish, German, Russian, and Esperanto I truly understand how difficult it is to learn a foreign language (especially one as inconsistent as English), but what you wrote is deeply confusing and makes little sense to me.


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Do you understand why other top-rated-sellers in this forum are poo-poo’ing the OP? It’s because the OP is a level 1 seller and is unqualified to give advice how to become a top-rated seller. If you require any more proof of this, I’ll just say that there’s one crucial condition that the OP didn’t include which must be completed in order to become a top rated seller. Even if everything else is perfect, if this one condition isn’t met, TRS will never be achieved. The OP would know this if he had done even a small amount of Googling, or even reviewed what’s already been said by Fiverr about how to become a top-rated seller. The recipe for how to achieve TRS isn’t secret, but the fact that the OP clearly didn’t put forth even the slightest effort to find it says everything you need to know.


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