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How to boost your sales on Fiverr


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If you want to boost your gig sales your gig health must need to be high quality.
Now I will give a short description how to increase your gig health.
For increasing gig health you need to write a nice and informative description for your gig which impresses your buyer.
Then you should make nice gig picture for your gig.Don’t upload the ordinary picture in your gig.
Add proper tag which is related to your gig.Remember that by this tag buyer find your gig.
At last, you should make a nice creative video for your gig .This is the most important think for boosting your gig sales on Fiverr .A creative gig video is equal to 1000 gig pictures.Remember that Your Gig video must need to be creative and informative which impress buyers and give a short description about your gig.If you need any question please ask me freely.

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How do you know that “a creative gig video is equal to 1000 gig pictures”. Is there a mathematical formula somewhere that I am unaware of?

Gig videos are indeed helpful for the presentation of a gig, but they aren’t ideal for every gig, nor do they guarantee more sales. For example, a gig that sells voice over services comes in handy as a place for the seller to present a few “live” voice samples. Another seller might use a video to introduce themselves and present their skills in person. But a gig that sells written articles might not need a video since the service is entirely literary.

Videos are a great tool for gig presentation, but their value to the gig itself varies, and depends upon the nature of the gig service, as well as the presentation interests of the seller.

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