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Orders are being marked LATE without Seller's fault


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Hi Guys,

Before you read I did try contact Fiverr Support detailing everything but except for getting replies with pre-typed text on how fiverr system works, support was not much helping at all and then they simply stopped replying.

Here are few scenarios where orders are being marked as LATE without any Seller’s fault and costing them their reputation:

Scenario #1

Let me explain with an example here: I have standard 4 days(96 hrs) delivery period to deliver any order where for ORDER-XYZ I delivered the order in 3 Days where 24 hrs or 1 Day left with the order to tackle modifications… right? Now, as per fiverr if buyer hits request a modification the balance 1 Day or 24 hrs timer should start… correct? Theoretically correct and I agree as well. Here we know that order will be marked complete after 3 days of delivery IF buyer either choose to left a feedback or do not hit request a modification. Now, in case IF a user hits request a modification within 24 hrs of my delivery say… after 13 hrs timer should start for remaining 11 hrs BUT if they hit a modification request after 24 hrs of delivery say after 48 hrs (for which they always have 3 days) No Timer Starts… it just marks the Order LATE as soon as they hit the request a modification button and yes this is happening.

To Fiverr Support Guys: If you wish to verify this you can look into the Order #FO8A3ADA5208 where Order started 6th of April and I delivered on 8th of April and buyer requested a modification on 11th of April (3rd Day) and immediately it was marked as LATE where logically I should have 2 days of remaining time left to tackle the modifications. I did complain about this to the buyer as well at the same time that his request a modification cost me a late delivery. Now, please tell me how is this practically possible?

Scenario #2

Now, this is an absolute gem because you never get a chance to act on this and Order is marked as LATE 😉 Again Imagine here you have standard gig with 4 days delivery schedule where an order is placed and you do have few requirements set under your gig so buyer is NUDGED to reply where he/she opt not to reply or couldn’t reply for any reason, So, you NUDGE them again and again and then you wait for buyer to reply and act upon the order so it can get active and you start working on it because without an active order you can’t deliver it. Here if you wait more than 4 days and then think buyer will never come and decide to visit resolution center where they offer you an option to CLICK HERE to cancel the order without any cost your reputation like it never happened and you trust that option and click it… Bang! Order is marked LATE where it also shows another 2 days waiting message at the top for buyer to respond.

To Fiverr Support Guys: If you wish to verify this you can look into the Order #FO768EE75383 where I did abort the cancellation after taking full screenshots of it before and after pressing the abort for cancellation where we can see that order was marked LATE and buyer never actually responded to the order and in fact you can check the order page as well.

How is it even possible and to my surprise fiverr support is simply trying to bypass the issue.

Now, question to Fiverr Support guys is despite spending hours explaining the issues again and again under support ticket why yous guys don’t even try look into the matter where Seller’s are being charged with penalties of their reputation.

Not even once in my Fiverr life I have delivered a late order not even once (except one time where it was buyer’s fault and he was nice enough to admit it) and in this past 2 months I had to face this LATE penalty for 4 times now. This is quiet frustrating and disappointing as well.

Is this how we are going to boost the morale of new Sellers where old ones who works hard everyday and take their work seriously?

Looking forward to some serious views and similar experiences.


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