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Invoice for previous transactions


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How do I get invoices for previous transactions that I have made.
About two weeks ago, I paid for two different services, but only today I filled in my billing info in my account settings for my company.
I need to get these invoices.

Thanks in advance,

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Asking for invoices is useless. The “Support” is not able to bring up the right invoices. I’m fighting with them on past invoices for more than two weeks now.

The support guys have changed five times since then and all they send over are the wrong invoices or incomplete ones or stating that you don’t receive invoices for orders that have been paid by funds from your account??
This means, when you have some orders cancelled and get a refund to your account, you receive your money back -good- and can be used for other purchases -very good- but you will not get an invoice for these orders -huh?-. Don’t ask why! The Support refuses to answer on this question!!
What a shi*** service and support!!

This business is not meant to be for business purposes just for fun! Forget accounting or tax documentation when you are using fiverr!

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