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Two months on fiverr => level 2 seller BOOOOM! Tips for new Sellers


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I have a question to ask…if we are more friendly with our customers, does it look like our unprofessional way of talking…because in some posts successors are saying to talk professionally and to the point rather than to become friendly…so what to do now??

It’s better to talk to the point

Well it’s depends on the buyer attitude if he/she needs to be friendly with you then i will prefer to go with friendly Relation

And if he try to be a professional then Make professional relation with him/her 😉

And how are you Buddy 😃 Pehchana?

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Good day to all,

I believe the buyer can set the tone from the initial contact. While my way of doing things will not become too personal, I can gauge when I can be more casual with my language. However, what works for one might not work for another so it is best to feel out the interaction and how to proceed to make it a successful transaction for all parties.

All the best in business to everyone.

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I have a new account after fiverr decided to block my former level 1 (almost in level 2) account based on a flimsy report they claimed to have gotten. They blocked the account without contacting me or warning me.

Very unfair

Now its 10days and my new account still has no sales. Its frustrating

too bad dude:scream:😱

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