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Story to become a level one seller in 12 Days


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My name is Haroon Naeem
I was joined fiverr in January 2016 and i was start selling on this account and make my gigs on this moth 12 April 2016 and after 12 days i was get level one badge this is big achievement.
Now i will tell you how i was get it when i make gigs after half hour i was receive order and after 2 hours i was get another order on the same day i was done great work and both seller send me 5 stars and after that i was start sending buyer request daily and i receive 4 to 5 orders from buyer request after i was get 10 orders and complete the last order fiverr send me level 1 badge
so my thought is trying to send 10/10 buyer request daily it helps very much for new seller

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when I was lvl 0 I also often receives orders from buyers request, but somehow wheni was lvl 1 ,buyer request seems suddenly crowded unlike when lvl 0. so the my opportunity to get orders very small. did yours too?

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