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Hello Fiverr Community,

I have an idea for a new system, in which buyers can create contests, where they enter a specific genre, create a title (ie. ‘I need an elegant icon design’) and create a contest description to let sellers know exactly what they are after.

This will work very similarly to buyer requests, so contests will need to be approved and only sellers who have gigs in that specific genre can enter the contest. The buyer will set a timeframe for the contest and will set a price (minimum $5) that he pays before starting the contest. As soon as someone enters the contest, the buyer is able to award the prize money and will receive the uploaded files by the seller in return. When the prize is awarded, the buyer can rate and review the seller, and the review will be uploaded to the specific gig that the seller chose via genre. And If prize money isn’t awarded by timeframe, it is split between all the sellers that entered the contest.

The beauty of this idea is that it gives new sellers the chance to get their first sale very quickly, and buyers will more happily get services from several sellers than one. It is less of a gamble, and it gives more power to the buyer.

I would love this idea to progress because so many freelancers who have decreasing sales need something to do and need the opportunity to prove to buyers that they are worthy of completing the task.


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