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New here how can i improve this gig?


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“My account is a R rated account meaning 18 and over with 100% real followers no BS.”

Uh… this is not a good way to introduce a gig. The presentation is unprofessional from the start.

Also, with an account name “Hotchicknyc”, it’ll be pretty hard to fathom the idea that a client would take you seriously.

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Personally I agree with you, but it does in a way “stand out,” and some people are rather easily attracted to R-rated stuff, strange names, or sexy avatar images, so whether this person will be taken seriously or not, he might get some attention.

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After you alter your profile to meet the standards of Fiverr, as mentioned above, follow the following tips:

  • Purchase gigs that promote your Fiverr gig / profile
  • Stand out from the crowd (personalise your gig profile and services)
  • Write detailed gig descriptions
  • Upload a gig video
  • Share your gigs via social media
  • Tell your friends to purchase your gig
  • Monitor your gig views with ‘My Gigs’ button
  • Respond to buyer requests
  • Complete your Fiverr profile (profile picture, language & description)
  • Have a look at other gigs to see what sells and to get tips on how to improve

Basically, when you first upload a gig, there is almost 0% chance that anyone will find or purchase your gig. You need to develop gig views to make your chances of being found by your first customer even greater. You can cheat this process by buying your own gig, and give yourself a 5-star rating and a positive review. So now you have the gig views and activity, but unless there is something that makes your customers purchase your gig (ie. fast turnaround, quality service, unique gig offer) you will have 0 customers. Make sure to always monitor your gig views and to constantly update your gig description and titles. Use good gig tags and use keywords in your title (ie. ‘Outstanding’, ‘Perfect,’ ‘unique’).

When you get your first buyer, you have to make sure that you get a positive review and a 5-star rating. This will mean countless hours for only $5 and will mean that you have to throw in additional services for free. This is necessary if you want to create good customer flow. When you start establishing a good amount of customers, who are also willing to come back and purchase your gigs again, you are a respectable Fiverr freelancer. Please remember to answer all customer questions, to never argue with a customer, communicate kindly, always call your customers Sir / Madam, and also remember to never sell yourself short! If you are really great in a particular area, let your customer know and if you feel like you are being taken advantage of, establish some ground rules for the order. After all, you are the seller 🙂

Hope this helps 🙂

Kind Regards,

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