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I become a level 1 seller. Some tip for new sellers


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I’m graphic designers. I’m become 1 level seller. Now my second goal is become a
2 level seller. I like to give the some tips for new sellers.

  1. Hard work (Highly recommend.)
    All things are not easy. What we need ? We need to try to get it.
    “The expert in anything was once a beginner”.

  2. Always online.
    We can use, the fiverr app for this matter. This is very helpful for me. Fiverr app saves
    my money and time. Fiverr app helps us get a good response rate.

  3. Always keep up good buyer service.
    Discussing your buyer. Get all details you need.
    You need to create good and friendly discussion of your buyer.

  4. Give good quality output. You must always give good output for your buyer. If you can’t to do this.
    You can’t get more orders.

  5. Good gig extras include for basic order.

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