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Long Journey with miles of pauses


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Hello, friends hopefully all of you are fine and living good life. Today I’m telling all of you my actual story and needs all member who face these issue or maybe not but know the solution for this are more then welcome to answer 🙂

Some time ago I was a student and love to work as a freelancer but had not any cutting edge skills to overcome others and earn money quickly… I joined fiverr since 2 years ago, I made some gigs and waits for my clients but on that time i can’t make something eye catching, that’s why I was not successful… I do some other work on other places a friend of me told me to go back and try again with giving me tips about how to create gigs and hot gigs for fiverr etc…

I resume my career again after 1 and half year after trying first attempt, but now things become changed. Next day i got order and within 1 month in earned level 1, as i told you before that I was student and being a student you need to manage work and studies load at same time, i often quite when i had exams or mid terms… But again i start when i finished from their because i love the way fiverr provide relief for both seller and buyer

Now the actual story begins, I was in my final semester and had tons of load of studies, i decide to go a finish studies first and then came back as i did before but this time it needs some months to free from their not hours and days… But i do same as i think and quite selling . After 2-3 months i come back between the vacations period i don’t use vacations mode or something like that i got many messages from buyer but as i told you i was away…When i came back and see my response rate goes to 24% and not request and obviously no sales. I take some time, to refurnish my gigs and profile, to reply some buyer and getting response rate to again 100% and to remain online 🙂

Today I’m writing this and hoping that someone somewhere had issues like that, this help them to and obviously me also. I request all of you to please tell me how can i increase my sales, i read lot of things from here to improve gigs and client conversation methods.

I’d happy if some one reads this boring story and help me to find some thing that will help me to increase my sales and for good career as a freelancer. Thanks to all of you 🙂

I’m wondering that i post same post in fiverr stories category maybe someone help here …

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