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Experiencing delays in Level upgrades? SEE THIS

Guest heatherwrites

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Guest heatherwrites

After over 30 days, 28 individual orders completed and just 8 canceled with 98% overall rating I didn’t get the Level 1 badge not until I submitted a ticket to fiverr customer support. In less than an hour, my account was reloaded and I got the Level 1 badge. 🙂

I guess some sellers might encounter a similar issue. Don’t worry! Fiverr customer support is top notch! You can submit a ticket to them to rectify any problem. 🙂

To your success,

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I got the same issue.

I have been active for 30 days
I have 20 orders from 12 different people.
98% Positive rating.
0% cancellation

But, I was not getting promoted to Level 1. So I contact Customer Support. They explain my problem why I was not getting promoted ( I’ve ever broke the Fiverr ToS ). I think it will take so long time to be promoted to Level 1.

1 day latter after contacting CS, I graduated to Level 1.

Thanks Customer Support. 😃

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