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Methods to stop faking reviews


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BIg suggestion,

The same author should have a limit to how many reviews it can post within a certain period of time.

I’m reading reviews on new sellers and noticing that they will have people post several reviews in row.

Example: person1 will post 5 of the same reviews at 5 stars… then person2 posts 5 of the same reviews at 5 stars etc…

that seems a bit of of an abuse of a bug.

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I don’t think that’s a bug, a problem, or fake. I often have buyers who buy more than one gig at a time but in separate orders because they want custom quotes. If I deliver them in a row, they review them accordingly. It might be 3 $5 gigs instead of one $15 gig which is not fake or abuse.

If you have actual evidence of something related to actual abuse or a bug that allows people to review without buying anything, you should report that to Customer Support. I don’t know of any way to review without making a purchase.

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