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Fiverr Always Crashes When I Deliver A Particular Gig: 504 Gateway Time-out


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Dear Fiverr Techs, this happens every time I deliver this same gig (Feature Your Blog). Customer Support always blames it on my end, but my other 11 gigs deliver fine with no problem, so it is just this gig and it is on the Fiverr server.

When I deliver this gig, I get 504 Gateway Time-out (see attached screenshot).

Customer Support tells me that I should send less text to the buyer? Why? My other gigs have more text and they deliver with no problem. I also attach a screenshot, but that should not cause this server error. Customer Support gives me the same suggestions every time and I still get the error. I listened to Customer Support and removed half the text and I still get the error.

This happens every single time I deliver this gig and sometimes I have to deliver it 2 or 3 times before it works. Very frustrating.

Can someone please look into this?

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