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Tips to get first order within 3 days


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Hello sir,

We check your review and it is excellent.

Thank you for sharing such a helpful tips!!

We are web developers and we have few local clients who wants SEO work.

We want to place order of SEO work for our local clients.

Which information do you require for our website SEO work?

Iconicseo support team

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sry if double post but dont see comment here.

thanks for the tips. Dont agree with put profile picture of looking happy though for me just blocks creativity and just feel like I not be who I am. My customers can doubt me if they want doesnt matter to me but once I put my picture up I will have less patience and feel more inclined to “scam” as you call it, just being honest here but yea. Ill be here for awhile thats why I dont want to do that. If it were really true people that have happy profile picture would of been successful already but thats isn’t true for all. Shouldnt be like I have to follow guidelines “strictly” to be successful here. I should at least be able to dodge one due to personal issues and still find success. Ill agree with you maybe will get first customer following your advice but is not worth if feel more stress/pressured for it and get bad reviews. I focus mainly long term but is better keeping orders coming rather than get first few sales in a day and not get any in maybe another 2 weeks.

thanks for writing this post, I will be busy with other things now though.

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