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Tips to get first order within 3 days


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here is my tip to those who are looking to get their first order in Fiverr.

1- Create a professional look profile with a picture in which you look happy, it create a positive impression on your client.

2-Choose only that field in which you have great command in working like graphic designing.

3- Create some outstanding gigs in which you show your original work not that work which you upload from google.

4-Most importantly must ADD VIDEO of your work (if you are also in the video then it create more good impression on client).

5-In the start spend some more quality time by online in Fiverr and try to analyze other person Gigs which are in top ranking, it helps you in creating your gigs.

6-Try to Order every day by keeping your field of experience in mind.

7-Provide free stuff in your gigs and try to start your gig with $5.

If you follow these steps i am pretty much sure that you got your first order may be within 2 days or even in 1st day of your work.

Important Note : Always keep your promise which you deal with your customer, try to complete your order before the deadline, work smartly , give some free stuff with your order and most importantly be helpful and ask if you can help the customer with any thing else.

wish you all best of luck with your sales, help others and be happy every day! 🙂

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Great advices, honestly.
I’d add one more: check all the time buyers requests and send good offers with a little bit lower price than others. And promise a refund in case the buyer doesn’t like the result (that gives buyer more trust in you)

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well let me say this to you that keep that gig too in your account and try to find out other stuff too, try to choose other field in which you are good or at least learn some more skills. Fiverr takes its time but the most important thing never lose hope and never quit spend some time and you will find out your own ways. best of luck bro may you have more success ahead 🙂

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