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How to get to Level 2?


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I am only 3 and half months old on Fiverr and I am on the verge of getting into Level 1. I understand that I would need 30 Days of being online (Done, I suppose) and 10 jobs (I have delivered the 10th, waiting for it to be accepted) with good rating (5/5 as of now). So, I guess I will get that badge soon.

However, the concern is on getting to level 2. It seems I need to complete 50 jobs within 2 months, obviously with good rating, to get there. But, the profession I am in, it is very hard to complete 50 jobs within that period. I help my clients with MS Office and VBA and each project on an average takes 3-4 days to complete. If clients start bombarding me with job one after another, still I do not think that more that 10-15 jobs a month is possible to be done, since I am working single handed on Fiverr.

My question to the Fiverr Experts and Mods is that if these are the criteria to get to Level 2, I do not see myself achieving that level ever! Can you suggest me my next plan of action, please? What should I focus on? How to get, handle and deliver (with best quality, of course) so many jobs within such a short period? Is there any other thing that I need to do?

Thanks in advance. I am more than sure that I will get genuine advise here. Looking forward to all the help that you may provide.

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“A Helper or Two for a Couple of Months” sounds really interesting. But I actually do not have anyone here who can help me!

So, you are saying that this 50 jobs criterion is for all my gigs cumulative? That’s a good hope. I have a few gigs already set up, even though I am only getting booked for ONE of those, as of now.

Thanks for your advise, Admin. I will keep that in mind 🙂
Looking for more suggestions…

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