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No shipping charges applied?


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You can explain to the buyer that shipping did not get added on and send a custom order for it.

Your gig description makes no mention at all of shipping charges so the buyer has the right to expect that shipping is included in the price! You really need to change this to say that shipping charges will be added on depending on the buyer’s location because the way it is now, you are obligated to send it for the amount advertised in your gig which at the moment is free.

All you can do right now is send a custom order for the shipping charges but the buyer would have the right to cancel the sale if they want, since your gig is misleading by not mentioning any shipping charges or information on that.

When you set up your gig you can choose to add on a shipping charge. You can go back and change this although it depends on where the buyer is located how much that charge will be.

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