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Yes, what @annai80 says is good advice.
I suggest you do a “view desktop” video of the apps to show the menus and perhaps even have a premade game on it to show what it looks like and put it on your gig. The design of the app I got is very video friendly as it clearly shows the options and menus in a nice, clean way.

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@catwriter Thanks for the link! I’m curious… it lists tumblr as an approved domain, which many use for personal websites. I’ve contacted Seller Support to ask about including a link to a page on my personal site to showcase my Fiverr Portfolio, and address some frequently asked questions my clients have, as well as guiding potential clients through my workflow.

I guess I can build a tumblr page to do that. Think Fiverr will be okay with a subdomain redirect? Or does the actual URL have to BE a tumblr.com one, not just the site it points to?

@eoinfinnegan since you and @catwriter are in the writing/translations category maybe you can shed some light… what do you guys do to showcase your work on Fiverr?

Also, kudos to @eoinfinnegan for knowing all those languages! Very impressive man! I also speak portuguese and italian, but not at a level of confidence to work in them here on Fiverr. 😃


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