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I hope you will take this with a good heart 🙂

The First thing that I saw is the English that you use! I can vouch on the fact that a gig written in good English and using correct and proper dialogues while talking to the clients is of much importance. English is not my mother tongue as well, but I strongly feel that in the freelancing world, one needs to know English as much as they should know their skill. It is very important - very very important! I can’t stress on that enough.

I am sure you are very good at creating logos, as your clients are happy with your work. Along with that, please focus on writing correct English as well. While writing correctly may not attract clients, but wrong English may (most of the times) make the clients retract.

It will not take much of your time as well - may be spending a couple of hours each day can improve a lot within a span of a couple of months, and when you continue that, you will get better with time.

Hope this helps. I wish you all the best!


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