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Loophole in Work Delivery


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Hi guys, I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions here!

I’m pretty new to Fiverr and my impression of this platform has been pleasant so far. However, this happened last week:

  1. Buyer ordered a translation gig, requesting it to be done in less than 12 hours (I specifically mentioned to contact me first before ordering extra fast delivery, as I am not always online. Anyway, with luck I saw the message in time and accepted the order.)

  2. I delivered within the stipulated time frame. Buyer was satisfied (“thank you for the good work”) BUT rejected the delivery and requested a ‘revision’, and sent me another completely different document to be translated (within 4 hours!).

  3. I was not online to see his second request until later in the day, when I apologized (for not being online) and also advised him to place another order if he required the second document to be translated as well.

  4. Buyer replied within an hour to say that he no longer needed the second document to be translated. I thanked him for the opportunity and reminded him to accept my work if there were no discrepancies. I had not heard from him since.

  5. Fiverr’s Customer Support advised me to persuade or negotiate with the buyer to reach an agreement if I want to properly complete this order, but seems like I can’t even do that because the buyer is not responding to my messages so far (just sent a second reminder - 7 days since the exchange in #4).

I am now stuck - The only options I have are to cancel the order (which affects my ratings & I don’t get paid for work I have done), or deliver a “revised” work (I was thinking of just uploading the same document again, but it has been so many days I am afraid the system would capture the tardiness in my delivery - will it?).

From what I understand Fiverr automatically completes the gig after 3 days of delivery if there are no responses from the buyer. However, in this case the buyer did respond, and expected a “revision” that was supposed to be another gig (intentionally or not, I don’t know). Are there any ways that we can deal with this loophole?

Thanks for reading this long post; I welcome all suggestions and feedback!

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