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Discrimination in Fiverr


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Hello, colleagues,
I think, that all of us can see what’s going on in this website. All of are trying to feed families, but now this website is just kidding with us, the people who make their website running very well. Maybe you think, that the problem with not your gigs, which are not visible in the search, is just a bug. But this is not true. They just want a certain people to sell here. No matter that they take a huge percentage. This is not just a supposition. I am sure about it.
My gig was in the search for a few days. When I start receiving orders, they hide my gig and now I can’t get any orders. Everything, they do here, is a fraud. The whole website, which the people made popular. They think, that they are the biggest website and have enough money to kidding with us. We are like their slaves. First time, when my gig didn’t show in the search, I’ve contacted them. I can show you all emails if you want.
But now… it’s too much for me!
Everyone, who agree with me, can contact me at *****************

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@tmanmoon Let me tell you what your problems are.

#1 your gig will appear high in search for a few days when your first add it. Then it is up to you to promote it and get sales on it.

Let me tell you why you are having problems.

#2 Your gig has a 29 day delivery time. Do you seriously believe anyone is going to want to wait 29 days for their order to be delivered especially from a new seller with no feedback?. Let me give you a clue. Under your gig category set the filter for delivery time for 3 days or 24 hours and see how many people are delivering gigs quicker than you.

#3 you gig description is terrible. the first thing people see is that. It does not do anything to get buyers attention to want to buy it.

#4 your about this gig page is terrible. the whole purpose of it is to drive people to buying and pressing the order button and writing things like this. “We are working on hundreds orders/day, but not here. (In time you will know what is the other website)”

This Will drive people in one direction, away. This not going to do you any favours with Fiverr either.

Instead of coming in here shouting “Fraud, Fraud everywhere” I suggest you put your own house in order first because you are already well on your way to breaking the TOS.

I suggest you post here:-


Your biggest problem here though is your attitude. Address your problems with your gig and don’t put the blame elsewhere by resorting to blaming it on fraud and discrimination.

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You have only started last month. You have the same chance I have to succeed and the same chance as anyone else.

This sentence is a problem:
We are working on hundreds orders/day, but not here. (In time you will know what is the other website)

Instead of posting a defamatory message about fiverr why not work on your gig and try to improve it and make some more gigs, ones which do not mention that people will be told about another website where you work?

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nobody of you understood what I mean. You can check the forum and will see how many people got the same problem as me. The problem is that when I publish a new gig and wait more then 48 hours, my gig isn’t visible at not. Not at the category, not even when I search it with the keywords. Here are too many people with this problem. I have a few friends here, who also can’t find their own gig. And don’t have just one gig like me. I have only one gig for now and know, that won’t have a big profit.
I don’t know why you are saying all this words without even check the forum about that problem.
I want to say Sorry about my words for this site. But just because you don’t have this kind of problems, it doesn’t mean, that the other people don’t have it.
I just want to ask if someone got the same problem- if it’s not able to find the gig- to post something here. Because, believe me, here are many people with this kind of problem.
Sorry, that I said “discrimination”, but if I post here the reply from fiverr, maybe you will be surprised also.
I am ready to accept all kind of advice and appreciate it.
The most important is that this problem become bigger and bigger. Please, don’t fight with me! I am just sharing my opinion. Soon or later you will know what I am talking about.
I just checked again my gig ( it’s publish about a month ago). Now I can’t find it again. They removed it from the search again.
About the delivery time - I prefer to be correct with the clients. They must know what time I must work on their order, so they will got what they paid for.
That’s it! I appreciate your opinion!
But it’s fact, that after I post my opinion here, my gig isn’t visible again. Hope someone with the same problem will post something here.

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@tmanmoon I think you will find everyone in this thread understands what you mean.

Unfortunately you seem to appear a bit confused about how search works. Let me show you something here and this is not just for your benefit for other people as well who keep wailing that their gigs are not in search.

Take the title of your gig which in this case is:-

“I will improve your Alexa rank below top 700,000 to 900,000”

go to the find services box at the top of the page ( on fiverr not here…) and copy and paste your gig title in there

you will find it is restricted to this

“I will improve your Alexa rank below top”

that piece of information by itself should give you an aha moment if you use that properly.

press the search button and what do you see. There are five results and your gig is one of them.

Q.E.D your …gig is indexed, in the search results and visible. you are not searching for it the right way and yes this is the right way.

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Ok, maybe tmanmoon’s gigs are visible in search. But can you, please, tell me where are my gigs? I am also a new seller here and a days ago I become a first level seller. You can check my profile and will see how many gigs I have. But also can’t find my gigs in search at the listed category and with keywords. If you tell me how to find my gigs and why I don’t see it in search form, I will apologize to fiverr. I will be very thankful if you help me with that. Because I think, that here are many people with the same problem, but they are afraid to ask, because don’t want their account here to be deleted. I used to have other account, as a buyer, and spend more then $2000 for few months. But when I decide to make some money here, everything got changed.

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Yes, I have duplicate the gigs just because I thought, that I did something wrong and that’s why I don’t see my gig. When I didn’t found my gig in the search form, I created a new one, exact the same, to see if it will be found in the search. But didn’t found the new one also. I don’t want to do anything against the rules here. I started with one gig and received orders on it. One day I see, that my gig isn’t on the first page at the search form any more and isn’t at the listed category. Then I published the same gig. The new one was at the search form and I received a few orders on it. The buyers are satisfied with my service. Then I saw, that the new gig isn’t also again at the search form and at the category. I am sorry if I am wasting your time. I can copy-paste here the fiverr’s reply, when I contacted them about the first gig. To see, that I am telling you the truth.

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There’s no guarantee that any gig will show in search, or that it will stay in the search. I’m just guessing what could be the reason; I’m not Fiverr staff, and only Customer Support can help you.

If you copy-paste the Customer Support response, perhaps someone will be able to offer some insight.

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Thank you very much for your help! It will be better place if all people are like you. I’ve contacted Customer Support twice, but there is no answer about it. I have their previous reply, when this problem comes for the first time. I am not sure if I will post here, because it wasn’t the most polite reply I even got.
Thank you very much again for your help! If you need something, I am always here to help to people like you. I am working in a company and our main job is creating different platform and systems. If you need something in that field, you can contact me any time.

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@potechev02_79 While you are making such grateful comments here, be sure to show some of the generous attitude you showed in your own post. At least demonstrate some self respect even if you have none for the people who did make this site famous. Those people are the ones who developed this site and let you post your gigs here for free. For those who’d like to see more of your thoughts, here’s a link to your other post: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/descrimination-in-fiverr-for-real

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