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Bad Luck!


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Hi I want to share my experience!
I have started my journey when I was 17 year old as a seller in 2014 and made $5k in 2.5 months (level 2 seller). As I was getting 5 to 6 order daily on my SOCIAL MARKETING GIG (i will deliver 1000 likes). suddenly After 2 months I found out I have a disease (Tuberculosis) and I had no idea that delivering late causes to cancel the order automatically. So, during my rest my all the orders cancelled automatically due to the late delivery and I got to know that my rating came down from 100% to 50% when I opened my account after 15 days. still, I waited for the orders, tried hard, sent offers but I have got 10 to 15 order in 6 months and helplessly I deactivated my account and started my new journey with a new account as ALEXANDRAHERE in march 2016. Fingers crossed and I am waiting for those days have passed. (:
thank you

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