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Is the customer always right?!


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Yeah that’s totally insane. But the said truth is that we have to apply this. As long as we want to increase our sales and do what we love to do, we should make them feel they are always right. The point is that we don’t have to take this as a personal thing. This is just business and it doesn’t have to involve you emotionally if someone is trying to take advantage on your kindness.
Most of us have dealt with that kind of customer that doesn’t respect your work, that thinks that he can have whatever he wants because he paid a gig. There is that kind of customer that thinks that everything is possible so he can probably ask you to create a teleportation tool for $5 gig.
What you can do at this situations, is to keep in touch with this kind of client and do all you can do for him. Try to explain that you have done more than what you was devoted to do for that kind of gig, and try to explain with technical details why you can’t actually teleport him somewhere.
In this way you can make clear to the customer that you know how much your services are worth and also show him that if you knew how to create such a thing, you would be already rich! 🙂

From our experience, this kind of clients might be very difficult to deal with, but once you’ve finished every other job will be easier for you.

Keep in mind that you are here at fiverr to express your talent and to do something that you really love. Don’t let anyone to ruin this experience. Every moment should be enjoyed here.

Good luck! 🙂

Elision Team

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Very well said elisionsolution. You sometimes have to apply lots of psychology to show your difficult prospect or buyer that you know what you are doing while at the same time remaining respectful and make him/her feel that he/she also knows what they are talking about. Time and experience in this business will give you the right strings to pull. 🙂

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I’ve worked as a managing partner in retail (among others) for a great many years, and nothing has ever better explained the attitude you should take toward customers than this Roadhouse quote (in its glorious entirety). It has worked wonders for me.

Remember the customer is like a blind man at the Louvre: he doesn’t see what you see. So always be nice, patient and explain things clearly and comprehensively so he can get a clear picture in his mind of what’s involved and what to expect… until it’s time to NOT be nice. In the best of cases, that means refunding and cutting bait.

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