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How to become a good seller and boost the sales


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Hi everyone;

Today I am here with some good tips; how to become a good seller and boost the sales:

  • Try to stay online as much time as you can.
  • Try to respond to your clients as quick as possible.
  • Try to be polite and problem solver for your clients. Never communicate in harsh wording.
  • Be honest to your clients as they have trusted you by placing the order.
  • Try to come up with good solution and deliver the best quality of work in time to your clients, as they are not only your incomes, but also assets.
  • Always meet your deadlines, try not to cross the deadline time.
  • Try to provide extras to your clients with original delivery.

Best wishes for you.

Touqeer Abbasi

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Another tip we have to add here, is to check all the time the buyer request section. That is a good way to make yourself visible even you have just started your business at fiverr. All the sellers should know that they have to offer they services with a lower price than usual till they enough reviews to make the buyers feel comfortable.
Remember that all the work will be rewarded later when you are a high rated seller. 🙂

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