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How I Increase my gig Impression!


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Other than, you know, offering a service that isn’t already offered by bazillion other people, you can increase impressions by optimizing your gig. Use a small set of relevant keywords and make sure that at least one of those keywords appears in your gig’s URL slug, your gig’s title, your gig’s description, and your gig’s meta tags. This will make Fiverr’s search algorithm think that it’s very relevant.

Another thing you can do to get more impressions is have a video preview for your gig. It’s true that gigs with video presentations close more sales than those without video presentations, but based on my experiments tinkering with my gig and watching the metrics, I’m convinced that Fiverr gives more impressions to gigs with video previews.

Other than that, the only other thing I can recommend is to hire a copywriter to help you better present your gig. Good luck!

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Make sure you have unique gigs.

You should make an awesome gigs with unique title and description, relevant tag, clear information on pricing, HD pictures.

1. Unique title and description : Make a title and description that other sellers don’t have. If your gig is about removing background, please make an awesome title on it also you should make “eyecatching description”. Keep in mind, people not hear your desc, they see !

2. Relevant tag : Make sure your tag is relevant each other and not out of your gigs field. As example my gig on email lists. I put tag “Email lists” “Email marketing” “Email blast” “Email addresses”

3. Clear information on pricing : You should set price with clear description. Set something selling on extras or anothe package. Explain clearly what a buyer will get with your basic gig.

4. HD Pictures : Instead of adding Video. I always use one or two HD pictures. Video make your gigs open slowly on mobile apps. HD pictures will present eyecatching gigs.

I did the 4 things above and the result is my 4 gigs about Email Lists is always on Top Search results.

Hope it help you Mr Jack.


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